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Noosa Body
Grooming and Massage

Noosa Body specializes in personal care including clipping, shaving, waxing and massage at our tranquil Hinterland studio amidst the Tewatin National Park.

Body and facial grooming can make a huge difference aesthetically and hygenically, but research with cyclists shows it can also provide a performance advantage which applies to surfing, cycling, body-building, boxing, swimming, wrestling, triathlon and other sports, too. (Globe and Mail, 7 Sep 14).

If you don't know how grooming can affect your appearance or your athletic performance, come in for a free consulation, and Russ can make suggestions.

Faster bike legs
See how a wax or shave
affects your time trials

Swim Race
Guaranteed lower drag and faster
times for the pool or sea.

Bare back
Waxed back

Before and After Waxing Chest
Before waxing
..............................After waxing

Clean shave or wax for boxing

Less drag, and better recovery from crashes for cyclists.

Some guys need regular
grooming to wear a Speedo

Massage for a relaxed, well-functioning body

Bare chest
Some guys love their hairless look

Groomed chest
Or a shave and clipping for a tidy masculine look

No more annoying abrasion from surfboard

Full body wax or shave for swimming and triathlon







Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage
30 min $50
1 hour $80
90 min $110

Clipping and Shaving
Rates from $45 - $140

Arm and Leg $25 - $100
Neck and Back $25 - $75
Face $20 - $50
Manzilian $45 - $120
Abs and Chest $30 - $70
.....Maintenance-free for
..........up to 4-6 weeks

Russ Eudey
Masculine Touch Studio

5 Ashdown Ct
Tinbeerwah, QLD 4563

Noosa Hinterland
Sunrise Rd to Pacific View to the end of Ashdown Ct, through gates

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How may we help you?
0433 022 208

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